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Allen Middaugh
Superintendent, Siletz Public Works Dept. 

***********************************************POSITION OPEN********************************************



1. Operation and maintenance of the wastewater plant and lift stations, to insure the City’s compliance with State and Federal regulations.

2. Records data from charts, flow meters and totalizer to meet operational and DEQ compliance requirements.

3. Performs and records laboratory tests and analyses, including BOD, chlorine, pH, total and suspended solids, volatile solids, volatile acids/alkalinity and MPN E.coli test in order to establish plant operational parameters and meet D.E.Q. reporting regulations.

4. Establishes and adjusts clarifier sludge removal and primary digester transfer rates for optimum plant operation.

5. Maintain ultraviolet disinfection unit

6. Conducts sludge monitoring and disposal operations.

7. Reports malfunctions or overflows to D.E.Q. as required by State and Federal regulations.

8. Comes in daily contact with noxious substances including raw sewage and sludge that pose personal health hazards.

9. At times must work in confined spaces where hydrogen sulfide and methane gas may form a lethal environment.


1. Operation and maintenance of the water plant, intake and distribution system to protect the public health and meet O.S.H.D. requirements.

2. Records and analyzes charts, readings, totalizer and hour meter readings to spot equipment malfunctions and takes appropriate measures.

3. Performs and records laboratory tests including turbidity, C12 residual, conductivity, pH and alkalinity in order to adjust chemical feed rates and meet O.S.H.D. reporting requirements.

4. Conducts bacteriological sampling, submitting and recording.

5. Adjusts chemical dosages as required.

6. Checks backwash pond for proper drainage and operation.


1. Keeps detailed records of all operations, including daily equipment checks, chemical usages, preventive maintenance, a daily log, and records required by State regulatory agencies.

2. Performs a wide variety of skilled tasks in the preventive and reactive maintenance of plant and transmission system equipment, including lubrication, mechanical adjustments, bearing and packing adjustments, and pump, motor and generator replacement repair.

3. Trouble shoots electrical equipment malfunctions, in the motor control and telemetry systems.

4. Works with large quantities of hazardous chemicals including caustic soda and concentrated acids, involving personal, public and environmental health risks.

5. Maintains the grounds and physical and physical plant in a professional manner.

6. Deals knowledgeably and tactfully with the public in dealing with their problems and concerns.

7. Must be on call 24 hours a day as scheduled on a rotating basis, and is required to live within the Siletz area to respond in a timely manner to the water/sewer plants.

8. Performs other related work as required.

EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS KNOWLEDGE OF: Wastewater and/or Water transmission systems and treatment techniques and procedures; strong mechanical aptitude and experience for repair and maintenance work normally performed in treatment plant facilities; chemical, bacterial and lab processes used in wastewater/water treatment safety precautions related to water and wastewater treatment chemicals and hazards. SKILL IN: Safe operation of tools, equipment and vehicles required to perform in the position.

ABILITY TO: Operate and maintain the wastewater and/or water transmission systems and treatment plants; make independent decisions to keep processes operations correctly within established guidelines; perform and evaluate laboratory tests for control and compliance purposes; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, supervisor and general public; understand and follow oral and written instructions; work weekends and be on-call for emergencies; and operate moderately heavy equipment.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS High School Graduate or G.E.D.; Preference given to Associates Degree in related field. Must possess current State of Oregon Certification of Competency as Wastewater Operator I and/or Water Treatment Plant Operator I. Additional Certifications resulting from educational achievement will be taken into consideration for advancement or promotional opportunities.

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Operates, monitors and maintains the process, equipment and facilities of a Sequencing Batch Reactor Waste Water Treatment Plant and its associated collections systems, and/or a Package Filter Water Treatment Plant and its intake, distribution system and reservoirs. Performs a variety of skilled and semi-skilled tasks, including the operation of equipment used in the construction, repair daily and long-term maintenance of streets, parks, and various public buildings and facilities; does other related work as required.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASSIFICATION Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of sewage and/or water transmission and treatment facilities within the parameters established by the Public Works Superintendent; responsible for providing all reports required for compliance with State and Federal codes applicable to water and waste water treatment plant operations; orders all jobs related supplies. Performs repair and maintenance on all City owned vehicles, equipment, property and facilities. May work as a member of a crew on street, water and sewer projects, or independently on selected jobs.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Duties are performed under the general supervision of the Public Works Superintendent but require a large degree of individual initiative, judgment and responsibility in dealing with malfunctions and emergency situations.

SUPERVISION EXCERCISED Supervision is not a responsibility of positions in this class.

CERTIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Water Treatment I Water Distribution I OR Waste Water Collection I Waste Water Treatment I

EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING High School Graduate or equivalency; two years of experience and training which has provided specific knowledge to perform in the position assigned; or any satisfactory combination of experience and training which demonstrates the knowledge, skills and ability to perform the above described duties.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a valid Oregon Class C driver’s license; possession of a Wastewater Operator I/II and/or a Water Treatment Operator I/II Certification and any other certification required by state or federal agencies to work in the position assigned.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Application of principles and methods used in water and/or wastewater treatment facilities; operation of all common heavy equipment; repair and maintenance work normally performed in treatment plant facilities; chemical, bacterial and lab processes used in wastewater/water treatment; safety precautions related to climbing into manholes and other confined spaces, water and wastewater treatment chemicals and hazards.

PRE-EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS: Drug screen, bondable, criminal background check, educational and experience verification. Demonstrated ability to perform essential functions.

COMPENSATION TYPE: Salaried $ 31,000.00 - $ 34,000.00 DOQ w/Benefits 


JOB GRADE: Entry level through step



REPORTS TO: Public Works Superintendent

FUNCTION                             N/A          OCCASIONALLY             FREQUENTLY               CONSTANTLY

STANDING                                                                                              X

BENDING                                                                                                                                        X

CLIMBING                                                                                                                                       X

WALKING                                                                                                 X

CARRYING/ LIFTING 10LBS                                                                                                          X

CARRYING/ LIFTING 30LBS                                                                                                          X

CARRYING/ LIFTING 60LBS                                                                                                          X

OPERATING EQUIPMENT                                                                                                             X

OPERATING MOTOR VEHICLE                                                             X

OTHER PHYSICAL FUNCTIONS: Pushing/pulling, manual dexterity, stooping, sitting, reaching above shoulder level. Quite often works outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.


DESIGNATED FUNCTION                                             %TIME                             APTITUDE LEVEL

WRITING                                                                             10                                             2

READING                                                                             20                                            1

REASONING                                                                        50                                            1

MATHEMATICS                                                                   25                                             2

VERBAL                                                                               20                                             2


                                                      DESIGNATED FUNCTION                                          ACUITY LEVEL

                                                                VISION                                                                       1

                                                              HEARING                                                                     1

                                                                TOUCH                                                                       2  

                                                                 TASTE                                                                       3

                                                                 SMELL                                                                       1

NOTE: Acuity and aptitude levels are: High=1 Medium=2 Low=3 Acuity and aptitude levels are established after reasonable accommodations are provided.

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